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We have compiled a list of links and resources about PFAS. These are from a wide variety of sources, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of MeWEA or its membership. They are solely for the purpose of sharing available information about PFAS.

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Biosolids Management Impacts - News Articles

Commentary: Managing municipal biosolids is a complex issue that requires collaboration - 3/23/2023

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Maine rivers face potential catastrophe as sludge builds up - 3/2/2023

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No immediate solution to Maine’s sludge problem - 3/1/2023

Maine sewage treatment plants scramble to dispose sludge after landfill reduces capacity - 3/1/2023

Municipalities seek to avoid ‘crisis’ as landfill reduces acceptance of sludge - 3/1/2023

Landfill stops accepting sludge, putting Maine sewer plants in bind - 2/28/2023