Treatment Plant Operators Committee

The goal of this committee is to provide resources and be a productive tool for operations, lab, and maintenance staff as well as to promote the development of the Maine Operations challenge team. 

Have questions or are you interested in getting involved? Email: [email protected]


Operations Challenge

The committee also manages the Operations Challenge team, Force Maine. Ops Challenge is the water sector's premier skills competition, is unmatched in delivering cross training, team building, and professional development. Learn more about it here

Past Process Control Event Questions

WEFTEC 2016 Process Exam BLANK - WEFTEC 2016 Process Exam Answers

2019 NEWEA Process Exam BLANK - 2019 NEWEA Process Exam ANSWERS

2022 NEWEA Process Exam BLANK - 2022 NEWEA Process Exam ANSWERS

2023 NEWEA-NYWEA Process Exam BLANK - 2023 NEWEA-NYWEA Process Control ANSWERS 


Training Opportunities

Peer to Peer Training

In 2023 the Maine DEP authorized the MEWEA Treatment Plant Operators Committee to issue training credits for maintaining wastewater licenses through a customized in person training program. The goal of the Peer to Peer training program is to encourage wastewater operators, mechanics, lab techs, and managers to visit wastewater facilities for a day to learn from the skills and experiences of others. Learn more here.

Operator Exchange Program

The Operator Exchange Program provides opportunities for operators in one state to exchange positions with operators in another state, to work in, visit, or tour different treatment plants for several days for skill enhancement and to gain experience in the workings of different plant(s). Learn more here.